Yummy Mummy & The Buggy Session

Yummy Mummy:

The structure of this class varies from week to week including circuits, HIIT, strength and pairs work. Whatever we do, you will always get a full body workout and have fun in the process.

Babies & toddlers are welcome but they are your responsibility throughout the class. Mats are provided but please feel free to bring blankets and toys to entertain your little ones.

This class takes place indoors.

Price: 6-week block booking £42


The Buggy Session:

During this class you will work on strength, cardio, core & pelvic floor. As with the Yummy Mummy class, the style varies from week to week, moving around the park and making the most of the natural environment. We are outside, whatever the weather, so come prepared! 


Little ones can be in their buggy or toddling along with you. 

Price: 6-week block booking £42

The Buggy Session

Every Monday.

Boscawen Park, Truro, 


Yummy Mummy

Every Wednesday.

Boscawen Park, Truro,