I have been going to these classes for a long time now and love them, I managed to go all the way up to the week before I gave birth to my second and came back again when he was 3 months old they have given me my fitness and confidence back I love them! And how can you not like a class that gives you tea and biscuits at the end 😁🥰Thank you Theresa xxx


Love the workout, and Theresa is great in giving options to your level or if you have a tired low energy day she tailors exercises individually to your needs. Great social mum class. Theresa is lovely, caring for babies and mamas. Thank you xx


My favourite class when on maternity leave and I really miss the fitness aspect now I'm back at work!! Really well done, Theresa keeps a careful eye on your form and corrects where needed without you feeling like you're doing it wrong! She is quite possibly the most smiley fitness instructor I've ever met . . . but don't let that fool you, you know you've done a workout the next day!!! x


Kangaroo Fitness is the highlight of my week! What could be better than getting fit and healthy, whilst snuggling your baby!? Theresa creates a really friendly atmosphere and the classes are so well structured so that you get a full body workout and take it at your at your own pace. It's great to get advice and help with tweaking your positions so that they are correct. Theresa is just fab, she helps you really push yourself but within your own limitations. I love having a chat and a cuppa with other mums after too!!


Thank you so much for the 1-on-1 classes. You have been knowledgeable, lovely and pushed me and helped make me feel strong and able for my next challenge. I can’t recommend Theresa more highly 💪🏻 x


"I met Theresa about 9 months after having my third child. I'd been diagnosed with serious diastasis recti (6+ fingers and very deep!) after having twins and this got even worse after having baby #3 less than 2 years later. I considered myself to have been relatively fit before childbirth, exercising daily and regularly swimming 2km and running half-marathons barefoot style. After childbirth, however, my diastasis caused near continual back pain, pelvic instability, loss of balance and core function and prevented me from running (at all), jumping, getting up and down from the ground and even standing on one leg. I found it extraordinarily difficult to find sound advice on my condition and I was stunned that most doctors knew almost nothing about the condition and either overlooked it or gave poor or outdated advice. But it was impossible for me to accept life with limited mobility so I tried several exercise approaches over time to try to heal the diastasis without surgery, including seeing two different physiotherapists, and a post-natal pilates instructor. I also following a range of post-natal DVDs and exercise book regimes regularly. I realised later that one of the physiotherapists I saw had given me exercises that almost certainly made the diastasis worse, which made me realise the importance of seeing a competent specialist in post-natal rehabiitation. Although there was some improvement over time with pilates and dedicated exercise, recovery was limited and I was still experiencing considerable pain and starting to think recovery was not an option. Then I met Theresa and started one-on-one training sessions with her. Theresa's approach is completely different to anything else I've experienced, even among pre- and post-natal specialists. She takes you back to basics and corrects posture and habits, examines every movement and posture, emphasises core strength but with a focus on strengthening you where you need it most. She completely tailors her approach to meet individual needs, identifying weak spots and working on these to not just regain pre-baby strength and mobility but actually improve it. She is an amazing instructor and person, incredibly dedicated to and passionate about what she does, makes even the hard exercises fun, adapts to individual learning preferences and is totally understanding of and flexible around the constraints of busy family life. She is also extremely motivating as a personal trainer and makes you really want to do the exercises without guilt or coercion. I've been working with Theresa for 4 months now and have noticed a huge improvement in my stability, balance and strength, and my back pain is almost entirely gone. My diastasis is dramatically reduced and I can now be much more active with all three kids. In fact, my posture and basic mobility are probably now better than they were before childbirth because Theresa's exercises have changed the way I move, breathe, stand, reach etc. I can jump and have just started noticing that, for the first time in nearly 4 years, I can even run short distances without pain, which is a huge breakthrough and makes a tremendous difference to life quality and enjoyment! So in summary, I cannot recommend Theresa highly enough to anyone hoping to regain mobility and rehabilitate their bodies even after extreme pre- and post-natal conditions."

Nancy B

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